To save his lost egg, Bob the DragoDino, will, in an epic ascent, reach the top of the giant tree. Many powers and even allies will help him in this arduous quest! Experience a great adventure in this 2D roguelike action-platformer.
  • EPIC
    Face multitude enemies to haul yourself to the summit of the world and save your egg.
    Explore a fun colorful world where the appearances are sometimes misleading.
    Discover a world created randomly every party and adapt yourself to survive.
The Drago Dinos live in the heavens and know nothing of the earthly world. Since their creation, they have long evolved to become very intelligent beings. They have built a very advanced civilization and invented cutting edge technologies.

Births of DragoDinos are very rare. One day, however, an egg of each race of DragoDinos was laid. A great celebration was given but a tragic event struck the city and the eggs fell from the heavens and were lost.

Years later, Bob, the father of one of the eggs, took the initiative of a rescue operation in the world under the clouds.

    • It's preferable to play with a Xbox joystick to optimize the game's experience.
      • Windows
      • Mac
      • Linux